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   Fourth AICRPDA-NICRA Annual Review Workshop Organized


The Fourth  Annual review Workshop of All India Coordinated Research Project for Dryland Agriculture (AICRPDA)-National Innovations on Climate Resilient Agriculture(NICRA)  was organized at AICRPDA centre, Kovilpatti, TNAU, Tamil Nadu during 3-6 May 2016. Dr. K. Ramasamy, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, TNAU,  Dr. M. Maheswaran, Director of Research, TNAU, Dr. G. Ravindra Chary, Project Coordinator (Dryland Research),  scientists from 23 main and 8 ORP centres of AICRPDA, CRIDA and TNAU and farmers from NICRA village  participated                             Dr. K. Ramasamy, Hon’ble VC, TNAU   addressing the participants                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

During the inaugural session on 3rd May 2016, Dr. Ravindra Chary briefed that the aim of the workshop was to  review the progress during 2015-16, impact of  real-time contingency measures 

     Dr. G. Ravindra Chary, PC, AICRPDA briefing about the purpose of Workshop                  

during 2011-15  in 33 AICRPDA-NICRA adopted villages to cope with weather aberrations and finalize technical programme 2016-17. Dr. Maheswaran suggested to take up research on developing  practices to  address climate variability  impacts on  agriculture production.   

 During Plenary session, Chief Guest Dr. K. Ramasamy, VC, TNAU, emphasized that blend the traditional knowledge  and modern science knowledge and tools to address the impacts of weather aberrations  in Indian agriculture. He also appreciated the efforts of AICRPDA centres in demonstrating  resilient practices on real-time basis on  farmers' fields. The major recommendation of the workshop as to update and validate  district agriculture contingency plans  on real-time basis in 23 NICRA adopted villages in 15 states. The technical programme was finalized for 23 AICRPDA-NICRA  centres. During the occasion 14 publications from Project Coordination Unit and centres of AICRPDA were released.Three Best Dryland Farmers from NICRA village in Thoothukkudi district were felicitated

    Release of publications by Dr K. Ramasamy, Hon’ble VC, TNAU

                                                             Feliciating the Best farmers

The participants visited on-farm demonstrations on farm pond and agri-hori systems in Thoothureddipatti, NICRA adopted village Kovilaptti centre also participated in farmers-scientists interaction. On 6th May 2016, the participants visited on-station demonstrations on dry sowing of paddy and other doable rainfed practices at KVK, Nagercoil district.

                                       Farmers–scientists interaction in NICRA village

                                           Participants interaction at KVK, Nagercoil




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