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XXV Biennial Workshop of

 All India Coordinated Research Project for Dryland Agriculture organized

The XXV Biennial Workshop of All India Coordinated Research Project for Dryland Agriculture (AICRPDA) held at AICRPDA Centre, Akola, Dr PDKV during 17th to 21st January, 2017 to review the research progress during 2014-16 and to develop technical programme for 2017-18 of main / sub / voluntary / ORP centres.

             Dr. S. Bhaskar, ADG (A,AF & CC), ICAR, Dr. Ch. Srinivasa Rao, Director, CRIDA, Dr. DM. Mankar, Director of Research, Dr SR. Singh, Dr PK. Mahapatra and Dr A. Subba Rao, RAC members of CRIDA, Dr AS. Panwar, Director, IIFSR,  Dr G.Ravindra Chary, PC, AICRPDA, CRIDA, Dr. PG. Ingole, Director of Extension Education, Dr. VM. Bhale, Dean of Agriculture,  Dr AK. Roy, PC, AICRP on Forage Crops,  Dr. Prakash Patil, AICRP on Fruits, Dr. HP. Maheswarappa, PC, AICRP on Palms, Dr. AK. Handa, Nodal Officer, AICRP on Agroforestry, CAFRI, Dr. N. Ravishankar, In-charge & Program Facilitator, AICRP on IFS, IIFSR, Dr BG. Bathkal, Former VC, Dr PDKV, Dr VM. Mayande, Former VC, Dr PDKV, Dr KPR. Vittal, Former Director, NIASM, Dr G. Subba Reddy, Former PC, AICRPDA, Dr MA. Shankar, Former Director of Research, UAS_B and RAC Member, CAFRI, Dr SC. Sharma, Associate Director, PAU, Chief Scientists and Scientists from 19 Main centres, 3 Sub centres, 8 ORP centres, 5 New voluntary centres, CAZRI and IISWC, Bellary centre, Dr PDKV and best dryland farmers from 12 states participated.

            In the Inaugural Session, Dr Bhaskar appreciated the contributions of AICRPDA and emphasized on the focused research in thematic areas keeping in view of the emerging challenges in dryland agriculture particularly Doubling the Farm Income More From Less for More.  Dr Srinivasa Rao suggested that the project to address solving location specific problems with emphasis on NRM research. Dr Mankar suggested that since rainfed agriculture has a role to play in the country’s agriculture economy, the scientists in the network to develop technologies for higher productivity and income. Earlier Dr Ravindra Chary briefed about the purpose of the workshop. 


   Dr S.Bhaskar delivering the  Chief Guest address              Dr DM. Mankar delivering the  Presidenial address


                                                            Dr Ch.Srinivasa Rao addressing  the participants

On the occasion, "Best Dryland Farmer Award" was given to 12 innovative farmers across the country who led farmer to farmer extension by adopting and disseminating rainfed technologies, inaugurated AICRPDA website and released 29 publications including 3 from PC Unit, AICRPDA with information on doable technologies, contingency plans and impact of rainfed technologies. 


Dr G.Ravindra Chary briefing purpose of the Workshop         Inauguration of the AICRPDA Website


                            Release of Publications               



                                                                         Best Dryland Farmers felicitated                                                                    

This was followed by technical sessions on progress review and technical programme development in thematic areas viz., rainwater management, cropping systems, nutrient management, energy management, alternate land use, evaluation of improved varieties and on-farm assessment, refinement and upscaling of rainfed technologies through ORPs. A focused discussion was held in developing methodology for integrated farming system in rainfed agro-eco-systems, both on-station and on-farm research. The deliberations also included a collaborative research between AICRPDA and AICRPs on Agroforestry, Forage crops, Palm crops and Fruit crops.  

The participants visited on-station experiments at Akola centre and also the NRM and crop based interventions in farmers fields in NICRA village, Warkhed, Akola District adopted by the centre. 


                      Field visit in NICRA village                         Farmers and Scientists interaction meeting in NICRA village

The action points during the deliberations led to major recommend-dations that include right sizing of the experiments in various thematic areas, strengthening collaboration with relevant AICRPs at common centres and strengthening on-farm assessment/refinement/upscaling of rainfed agricultural practices/technologies.


                                                               Participants of the Workshop



Welcome to  AICRPDA 

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