Custom Hiring Centre 

                                         Cotton Based Cropping System


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Interventions/ Crops/Treatments/ Observations/parameters/analysis to be recorded



Interventions: Popularization of need based improved implements through custom hiring centre

Crops/Treatments: Implements :

·         TNAU power weeder

·         Wheel hoe

·         Mini weeder

·         Diesel pump set ( 1.5 HP)

·         Ferti seed drill

·         Rotavator

Observations/parameters/analysis to be recorded :

For each implement:Hours hired (as entered in the Register),Area covered (ha),Income generated (as entered in the register),Energy use efficiency,BC ratio,Farmers' feed back,Drudgery reduction

Total  Income  Generated through CHC

 Area Covered

·         Landholding category wise

·         Crop wise

Total area in the village